Kendra Wilkinson On Her New Memoir And New Life

July 8th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Kendra Wilkinson appeared on the Today show to promote her new memoir Sliding Into Home about her past childhood drug use that began at age 13.

The reality TV star said in her interview, “I always knew that was wrong. It was one of those things where I
kind of lost myself for a little bit.”

She said her abuse of substances came from her own insecurity.

“The drugs and everything, that’s what found me and
accepted me, but it wasn’t me,” Kendra said, pictured promoting the book at Border’s in NYC on
Tuesday. “I am that tomboy, I am that kid, that
girl that loves sports. That wasn’t me so I grew out of that real fast.”

Kendra was committed at 15 and ran away from home her sophomore year of high school. But she says that now she’s “home” and has found everything she was looking for. New husband, new baby, new show, new book, new sex-tape….eh let’s skip that last one.

By Lola Robertson

  1. PitBullLover

    give me a break
    who would raed this crap?
    and who really wrote it?
    there must be 10 ‘celebrity’; books a month coming out from these people who are famous for screwing someone who is or was famous.
    its ridiculous
    they are no one
    they are not noteworthy
    but yet here they all are on 10,000 internet blogs….

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