Kendall & Kylie Jenner Strike A Pose For Their Soho Pop-up PacSun Shop

Kendall Jenner Wows In Swimwear Photoshoot
If you’re a fan of Kendall and Kylie Jenner, then today was an awesome day for you–especially if you live in New York City!

The younger Kardashian–well, technically Jenner–ladies hit Soho today to do a meet and greet with fans waiting outside their PacSun pop-up shop. Kendall tweeted her excited to all their waiting fans writing:

Also, their looks. 

I’m assuming it’s all part of their PacSun line. Now, would it be ridiculous for an adult to wear PacSun? Answer honestly, because it was truly a sad day when I stopped buying jeans from there. But for reals, how cute would Kendall’s shirt look on a night out with the right accessories?

Oh! And Kendall wasn’t just Tweeting her excitement, she was Keeking it too. Check it out below! And don’t forget to launch the gallery to see what the ladies wore for their pop-up shop meet and greet. I’m not too into Kylie’s “Kalifornia” shirt, but I do appreciate the effort. And people wonder why I thought Kim would named her baby Knorth.

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