Kendall & Kylie Jenner Show Off Their Runway Skills At New York Fashion Week [PHOTOS]

Kendall Jenner Models
Kendall Jenner Wows In Swimwear Photoshoot
Cody Simpson & Kylie Jenner
The two teens met at the 'Breaking Dawn' premiere!
Kendall Wears It Well
Kendall Jenner works it in New York City.
It must be nice being a Kardashian. You get to do all sorts of things at a very young age–like model.

Sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner have definitely taken advantage of that fact and showed off some of their modeling skills this past weekend. The duo strut down the runway for the Evening Sherri Hill spring 2013 fashion show. Thanks to their super tall and super thin physique, the girls looked quite lovely.

Kendall and Kylie have long been obsessed with fashion–although Kendall has recently decided to jump on the acting bandwagon as well. They must be so happy they didn’t get the Kardashian body type and got the Jenner one instead. As famous as Kim Kardashian’s ass is, not many people want to see it walk down the runway. 

Kendall and Kylie were clearly hired for their legs as every outfit they modeled made sure to show off those assets. I’m a big fan of the white and gold, puffy dress Kendall is wearing with the train. It’s rather lovely.

Aww, and they even got to walk out with designer Sherri Hill at the end. Adorable. Launch the gallery to check out all the runway photos. Tell us which is your favorite outfit in the comments!