Kendall Jenner Promotes Cheerleading, Talks About Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

Kendall Jenner is making a name for herself outside of being just one of E!‘s wide-eyed Jenner/Kardashian whippets.  Bruce and Kris Jenner’s 15-year-old is a successful model and Varsity’s spokesperson, who made an appearance on Extra at The Grove shopping center in LA to promote National Spirit Day.

When asked if she liked filming a reality show with her famous family, Jenner said, “Kylie and I are really happy… We weren’t really a big deal in the show a while ago… We didn’t even really wanna be in it, in the show too much, we were just not into it, we were in school, we wanted to be with our friends, have fun, play dates, whatever,” according to the Daily Mail.

If you ask us, little Jenner gave bride Kim Kardashian a run for her money last Saturday when older sis married NBA star Kris Humphries in Montecito, CA.  Kim dressed her bridesmaids in white Vera Wang gowns, making it kind of difficult for the bride to stand out (just saying.  It’s not like Kim is Kate Middleton, who dressed her Maid Of Honor in white because SHE’S F****** KATE MIDDLETON).

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Anyway, Jenner told Us Weekly yesterday that “Kim was very confident in herself,” adding, “You could definitely tell because she put us all in those amazing dresses.  She did an amazing job, and I felt really good in my dress.  I just loved it.”

As for critic who think she’s too young to be wearing makeup and walking the red carpet?  To that, Jenner says whatevs.  “People expect [my sister Kylie and I] to be little 10-year-old girls,” Jenner told the mag. “Then we go to red carpets and we’re wearing [dresses] and heels and people say, ‘Oh, they’re so old. They’re growing up too fast.’ [But] I’m basically 16 years old!”