Kendall Jenner Acts Like A Tourist While In Paris For Fashion Week

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They may be famous and impressing us all just by existing every day, but even celebrities get impressed by things sometimes, especially world renowned monuments.

Kendall Jenner is in Paris for Paris Fashion Week currently, but the gorgeous outfits and stunning models aren’t all she came to Paris to see. Kendall was seen taking in the sights of Paris, more specifically the Eiffel Tower. I’m so jealous. What I wouldn’t give to see a sight like that!

Kendall was seen walking around where the Eiffel Tower is, snapping pictures like crazy on her phone. I checked out Kendall’s Instagram to see if that’s where the pictures were going, and she indeed posted a picture of the Eiffel tower on her account with the caption “I love this city.”

She looked casual in black skinny pants, a grey v neck, and a black leather jacket, and happy as ever to be in the city. Ugh. Like I said, so jealous.

Kendall even made time to stop and pose for a selfie with some of her fans. Those girls must have been so beyond thrilled. Kendall did this earlier too, stopping to make a duck face with a fan in the airport as the fan captured the moment on her phone. Seems like she’s in a great mood today. I wonder if her older sisters, the Kardashian girls, would ever stop their day to do something like that?

I hope Kendall continues to have fun in Paris, and enjoys watching the models in fashion week. I’m sure they won’t be nearly as show stopping as she was when she walked in fashion week. We wouldn’t expect anything less.