Kelly Rowland Takes a Tumble

July 16th, 2007 // 8 Comments

During an on-stage performance in Lagos, Nigeria, Kelly Rowland fell to the ground as a result of dehydration and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The former Destiny’s Child singer is in the process of promoting her second album, Ms. Kelly, and she was in the process of delivering a performance for the ThisDay Music Festival when she collapsed. ET revealed that her rep stated that after receiving treatment, the singer is currently healthy and up and running again, with plans to head back to the U.S. to continue the promotional tour for her album.

Dang girl. It’s good to hear she’s all right. Isn’t this Michelle’s signature move? (See above video…) If it had been Michelle, you know she would have broken a hip this time. I can’t reiterate this enough, Michelle’s old, y’all. She just is.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. B.

    Um, I may be wrong (but don’t think that I am. Is that the right clip? I saw something entirely different on another site.

  2. .

    yeah…this posting is completely wrong. score one for horrible accuracy

  3. nabee

    I think the breaking story here is that Destiny’s Child is back together and touring. isn’t that Michelle? how old is this video?

  4. hotmess

    God almighty, pay attention before you start complaining!!! Read the fricken post first!!! That clip of Michelle is hilarious though!! I love how the other two’s reactions, Kelly’s like
    “Ooh look, she fell down!!” and Beyonce’s like
    “Yes!!! One down, watch me sing, you’re next biatch”

  5. Shootingstar

    Now that was funny!

    Kelly didn’t flinch when Michelle hit the deck and she didn’t break her stride. She actually looked like she wanted to step on her with her stilletos.

  6. celia-cruz

    no seriously, how old is Michelle? i’ve always wondered.

  7. bb

    thats michelle not KELLY

  8. B.

    To be frank, I know that the last paragraph was not included when I read the post. Believe me. All the other gossip sites were all over this story, so SL tried to keep up. It was a miss, and so they’ve included the newest parag. for damage control.

    I still like SL though. Just try and get it right next time.

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