Kelly Rowland Seriously Thought Beyonce Would Beat Out Helen Mirren

June 20th, 2007 // 9 Comments

Kelly Rowland, Destiny’s Cousin, said that she was taken completely by surprise at this year’s Oscars. She fully believed that Beyonce Knowles would be walking home with the Oscar for Best Actress, instead of Helen Miller, who snagged the golden statue for her performance in “The Queen.”

“I tell you what, though, Beyonce was robbed of the Dreamgirls Oscar.

“She did a great job.

“Mind you, that won’t be her last opportunity. She’ll have plenty of Oscars in the future.”

Look at Kelly, always looking on the bright side of things. For serious, though, does anyone else remember that this (as much as I love her) is Beyonce’s first good movie? I doubt that “Carmen II: The Hip-Hopera Continues” is going to be getting a nod from the Academy any time soon. Meanwhile, where the H is Michelle Williams these days? I have to say that honestly, I have this sneaking suspicion that girlfriend is actually taking it easy in the Shady Pines retirement community. Because for real, that chick was old. Her bones were creaking.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. jill

    so I guess downright delusion isn’t limited to just the Knowles family

  2. Kate

    OMG I knew there was some Oscar hype involving Beyonce but I didn’t realise that she was up against Helen Mirren. I thought the Oscars couldn’t sink any lower after giving Titanic 11 (!) awards but I was wrong!

  3. Sinead

    Is she for real?? she expected the Academy to overlook Mirrens performance and give it to Beyucky?? the girl doesn’t deserve a seat on a bus let alone an Oscar!

  4. nutrihuney

    uhhh… Beyonce was not nominated for an Oscar how could Kelly have been surprised.

  5. conrad

    It is an honor to receive a nomination, and even more so to win an Oscar. “She’ll have plenty of Oscars”??? Read a book Kelly – You are ignorant…

  6. nemesis

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! OMG…. I am still LAUGHING

    Beyonce was robbed of the Oscar…haaaaaahaa
    Not , Me thinks Kelly’s just trying to get the girls back together before the Spice Girls reunite.
    Funny though, Kelly

  7. stalin

    poor kelly – always a bridesmaid never a bride i THIS IS WHY – STOP LICKING BEYONCE”‘S FAT AS AND MAYBE YOU’D GET YOUR CAREER OUT OF THE TOILET

  8. Inbred

    Michelle Williams is currently starring in The Color Purple in Chicago.
    Just FYI..

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