Kelly Preston’s Not For ‘The Drugging Of Kids’

July 29th, 2005 // 8 Comments

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. The woman is still going on about how American loves to drug their children. I’ll concede one point, I think that, while there are some children who are medicated and shouldn’t be, to broadly brand certain drugs as evil is extremely narrow-minded. The whole thing comes off as if she’s pushing the Scientology agenda. Do it the Scientology way, or you’re wrong.

“If you are talking about the drugging of kids, I’m for giving parents all the information,” Preston said today on “Good Morning America.”

“The FDA [Food and Drug Administration] has issued two separate warnings that these drugs cause hallucinations, suicide and violence.” In June, the FDA announced that it planned to add new warnings for Concerta, prompted by reports of psychiatric side effects, including suicidal thoughts, hallucinations and violent behavior. Concerta is a long-acting form of the drug also known as Ritalin, a medication for treating ADD.

She says her “Jerry Maguire” co-star is right to question psychiatry, but is at a disadvantage to speak out about postpartum depression because he’s a man, and therefore would never know firsthand about post-pregnancy struggles. “I had a kid. It’”s a real medical condition. Absolutely,” says Preston. “It’s a physical thing that happens to a woman.

“But here’s the point with this [postpartum depression] being marketed as a mental illness, even when they are saying the hormones are out of control. Why then drug it?” she says. “It would be better to monitor depression in new mothers.” Preston believes that fewer new mothers would opt for antidepressants if they better understood what they were going through.

Obviously knowledge is key to anything. But a stack of vitamins isn’t the cure-all either.

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  1. Blue

    Monitor them? HOW? we can’t ALL afford round the clock nurses!

  2. Melissa

    I wish these people would shut the fuck up.

  3. Jake

    You know, she’s right. I hear schizophrenia goes right away if you just get a little more Vitamin C.

  4. saphie

    I can’t stand these pompous, self righteous idiots treating women like they are stupid. She should actually read some of the research!! Oh. teah. where did she get her medical degree????
    A moronic and dangerous cultist that’s what she is.

  5. Gigi

    After years of diversional treatment and counseling I never saw any improvement in my full blown OCD. Only after discovering my whopping huge dose of Zoloft, do I now feel like a normal person, able to control the tics and ritual behavior. Want to see violent and suicidal, look back at me before medication. Fuck Kelly , Tom, and the Scientologists, this coming from someone with a degree in Health Care and Psych.

  6. Lorena

    Yeah, I hear ya. Depression was doing me in. And then I was prescribed Effexxor and I am feeling normal. That and a healthy diet. And then I go and hear that all I really needed to do was exercise more and take more vitamins! HA!
    These asses need to shut the hell up! Know-it-all

  7. sasha

    These morons should just board their scientology spaceship and go crash in some distant land.

  8. Simon

    I did not see the whole interview but from what I did see she handled herself a lot better then Cruise. Cruise, no offense but, fire your sister and hire Preston’s publicist. You can’t just go and attack people and tell them they are wrong when you have never been in the situation they are in and/or never will be.

    About kids being drugged up, yes the schools are pushing parents to drug their kids without even thinking about the side effects. But whether or not a kid should go on drugs or not should be the parents choice and schools should not pressure/force parents to drug their kids. In many cases drugs prescribed buy the child’s doctor or mental specialist can help and even improve the child’s quality of life, but no school has the right to say what drug a child should take. Sometimes just sitting with your child and taking the time to see what can help them besides drugs is the best way. Sometimes drugs are not the answer though they can be if appropriate.

    While being a student in middle and high school, I had first person experience with this subject. I was put on three different drugs at different times and none of them helped, two of them made me worse. By myself I figured out my problems and got my feet on the ground (My parents believed in the drugs too much so I went cold turkey and didn’t tell them or the shrink.) Everyone one is different and every persons solution will be different. But drugs should be the last choice.

    Only my opinion.

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