Kelly Osbourne Was Ashamed To Tell Sharon Her Drug Woes

September 19th, 2009 // 3 Comments

Chatting with talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, 24-year-old, Kelly Osbourne, admits that when she was facing her demons of addiction, she was reluctant to go to her mother, Sharon Osbourne, for help.

Osbourne tells the talk show host, in an interview set to air Monday, “My mum had been in a relationship with my father for years and years trying to get him sober. I was completely ashamed that I would have to go to her and now tell her that her daughter has issues as well.”

The Dancing With the Stars contestant reveals that she eventually did come clean to her parents. Osbourne adds, “I felt like I let her down–but what I didn’t realize was that if I would have went to her a long time ago, she would have helped me no matter what.”

Gallery Info: Kelly and Sharon Osbourne out for lunch at The Ivy.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. JustMyOpinion

    wth is wrong with rich kids? they have so many problems for no reason. probably cause they have everything handed to them and feel they have no purpose and nothing to do with their life

  2. My Name

    Just a suggestion, I notice a LOT of punctuation errors on this site. A little too liberal with the commas, in all the wrong places. Just sayin.

  3. gmcote`

    Sharon, if your kids wear designer best, drive nice cars, receive Tiffany rings for their birthdays..
    why can’t they speak English properly? ”If I would have WENT to my mum”..wrong tense. Perhaps if she had gone to you & not out as much w/the misfits she calls friends she would be at the right schools achieving a substancial education rather than spending their dad’s talent money on baubles with names she cannot pronounce.

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