Kelly Osbourne Shares


Kelly Osbourne was mc-ing at an HIV charity gig recently and revealed that a family member of hers is HIV positive.

Kelly Osbourne has fought back tears as she told an audience that a member of her family was HIV positive. The TV personality was speaking at a benefit gig for HIV support charity Body & Soul, staged at Koko, in Camden, north London. Introducing a performance by the Scissor Sisters, she said the cause was special to her because a member of her family had been diagnosed with HIV. Photographers present at the concert reported that Osbourne sobbed before leaving the stage.

Ouch. That sucks. I know there’s this perception of HIV as like, the new diabetes, but let’s not be too hasty. Other than that, I can’t really snark on this for obvious reasons. Though I will remind everyone that Rosie O’Donnell once told her assistant that “liars get cancer.” Whenever I start to like Rosie, I remind myself of that story and wish she would die of a brain embolism. It was a rough time for me when I watched that documentary about the gay families cruise she launched and I was totally touched by it and then thought – oh, but she thinks liars get cancer. Ass.