Kelly Osbourne Shares

February 19th, 2007 // 6 Comments


Kelly Osbourne was mc-ing at an HIV charity gig recently and revealed that a family member of hers is HIV positive.

Kelly Osbourne has fought back tears as she told an audience that a member of her family was HIV positive. The TV personality was speaking at a benefit gig for HIV support charity Body & Soul, staged at Koko, in Camden, north London. Introducing a performance by the Scissor Sisters, she said the cause was special to her because a member of her family had been diagnosed with HIV. Photographers present at the concert reported that Osbourne sobbed before leaving the stage.

Ouch. That sucks. I know there’s this perception of HIV as like, the new diabetes, but let’s not be too hasty. Other than that, I can’t really snark on this for obvious reasons. Though I will remind everyone that Rosie O’Donnell once told her assistant that “liars get cancer.” Whenever I start to like Rosie, I remind myself of that story and wish she would die of a brain embolism. It was a rough time for me when I watched that documentary about the gay families cruise she launched and I was totally touched by it and then thought – oh, but she thinks liars get cancer. Ass.

By J. Harvey

  1. Stupid Whore!!!

    Nice of the HAG to “out” a “family memeber”… ummm what part of Shut The Fuck Up Kelly don’t you get. I’m sure your “family memeber” will be thrilled!!!

  2. EraserFan

    Rosie also apparently thinks that buttering your bacon is a good time. Well, I guess I would agree, but buttered bacon packs on the pounds. While there is nothing like a good fatty breakfast after a nice session of rug munching, buttering your bacon isn’t the healthiest idea.

    I have hated Rosie since the old VH1 days because she has not once said anything funny ever. She’s mean and bitter and I bet when she stands up crumbs and half eaten ham sandwiches fall out of her fat rolls. Ha! Picture that J.Harvey!

  3. -A

    Why does it matter if your parents are rich? Seriously, Kelly seems like she could be a fun enough person, but then if she were to remove that stick from up her bum, all that hot air of idiocy would just come right out. So someone in her family has HIV. Gee…let’s spin the wheel family members and guess who it might be. I want to say……..One of the dogs.

  4. sandy

    I’m guessing Jack or Oz.

  5. um

    Rosie O’Donnell never said that, actually. She’s still a stupid dyke commie though.

  6. black metal

    i wonder who it is that is hiv positive

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