Kelly Osbourne Has Morals


This is refreshing. I knew there was a reason I liked her besides her appearances on Britain’s “Project Catwalk”. Contrary to previous reports, E! didn’t bag on Kelly and Kim Stewart’s reality show in favor of one with Kim Kardashian and her big ass. Reports say that Kelly thought the project was demeaning to people and dropped out.

It turns out that it was the Stewart/Osbourne camp — and not E!, as originally reported — who canned the show. Producers wanted the glamor girls to spend time with “real people” doing “real jobs” — like garbage men and hot dog vendors — and make fun of them. Not bloody f**king cool!

A source tells TMZ that after she saw the first show, Kelly decided not to sign on, as it was “demeaning to other people and juvenile.”

Making fun of hot dog vendors? For real? Is this what E!’s all about? Dumb asses. They missed their chance to film Paris and Nicole in prison. That’s where the real money would have been. Can you imagine the ratings for Nicole Richie giving birth in prison? I know she’s only going for four days, but that baby’s gonna have some complications and will jump ship early in search of nutrition.