Kelly Cutrone’s New Project. I Dig.

I respect Kelly Cutrone.  I dig her realistically abrasive attitude and enjoyed reading about the story of her life (We’re giving away a certain number of copies to lucky Socialite Life readers who leave comments about our book club choice, If You Have To Cry, Go Outside).  Doesn’t sister look like she’s enjoying the fruits of her labor (seen here at an NYC Bravo party on March 10th with People’s Revolution partners Emily Bungert and Robyn Berkley)?

According to StyleIte, Cutrone launched her own channel on Youtube called KellyCutroneTV.  Cutrone recruited her BFF Justine Bateman (Mallory from Family Ties), Andrew M. from Kell On Earth (long dresses, one-shouder shirts, Rick Owens addict), daughter Ava and a slew of New York hipsters to kickstart KCTV.  This morning Cutrone and Bateman debuted Wake Up And Get Real, a talk show about keeping it liberal, according to their “about” schpeal on Youtube:

Legend has it that Kelly and Justine had a vision in an upstate NY forest of a giant Jackalope leaping through a starburst and knew the time had come for a talk show that would express the views that aren’t on THE VIEW. They knew there were others who wanted to wake up and get real too, and so WUAGR was born.”

Today, while in bed and with bug sunglasses on (read: paradise), Cutrone and writer Rachel Felder debated make-up vs no make-up.  Which camp do you belong in? Cutrone, natch, suscribes to the no make-up mantra.  Felder, on the other hand, can’t live without red matte lipstick.  Who’s right? Who’s to say.  Final verdict: Free To Be You And Me.  Cutrone features her kid, Ava, in another KCTV clip to promote the new web channel.  After Ava said her piece, Cutrone made good on her bribe and took the kids to Dylan’s Candy Bar (SOLD).

The video clips (see below) are a bit like cable programming.  And yet, there’s something about this web channel that is very cool and very Cutrone.  She’s tapping into an up-and-coming market, and using it to promote the power of Kelly.

Thumbs Up from this chick.  Check out the videos of Kelly and company after the jump.