Kelly Clarkson Punks it Up

January 8th, 2007 // 7 Comments

In yet another attempt to appear “edgy,” Kelly Clarkson paired up with punk pioneer Mike Watt for her latest album. Watt, the bassist and founder of legendary punk bands The Minutemen and fIREHOSE, claimed he never heard of Clarkson before he showed up at the studio to record, but found himself impressed with the American Idol winner’s pipes.

“I heard that Kelly won some game show, but I was really impressed how she sang her ass off. It was intense. I’m really glad I had the experience — it was trippy and everyone gave me much respect.”

Watt, whose influence reached the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana, said he was thrilled with the way the tracks turned out. Producer David Kahne allowed the bassist the opportunity to experiment with different sounds and styles.

“I ended up playing on six of the songs. I had no idea what it was going to be like, but it ended up being pretty interesting,” Watt said.

“(Kahne) let me try all kinds of stuff like fuzz bass, fills and solos besides just making things fatter.”

Clarkson’s third disc is expected to be released sometime March of this year.

‘Idol’ champ Clarkson plays with punk veteran [MSNBC]



  1. lulu37

    No way he’s never heard of AI: it’s completely permeated pop culture. He was just trying to sound too cool for skool… how lame.

  2. Yummsh

    Did you not read the article? Her guitarist is a fan of his, and they probably set it up that way. If you know Watt, you know there’s nothing shady about this at all. Can’t wait to hear the songs…

  3. soothsayer

    Anyone who knows Watt knows this is 100% true.

    And 100% of Kelly Clarckson fans have n.f.i. who Watt is.

  4. “I heard that Kelly won some game show”

    Bollocks. AI may suck (a lot), but too cool punk dude hasn’t heard of it. So he’ll work with any old game show winner.

    Oh, we’re not worthy.

  5. Yummsh

    Yes, and we’re not worthy, either, too-cool blog posters.

    Who cares who set it up and why? Every step Kelly takes away from the sugar-coated monstrosity that is American Idol, the better.

  6. none

    Hate AI, and not a fan of Kelly’s music. Def more of a punk fan. But, she looks darn cute in these pics! The hair is good, makeup is appropriate, and the jersey is adorable! The girl next door look is soooooo refreshing after all the cooch hanging out stuff we’ve been seeing.

  7. Rawrr-Baby

    Shes So Dang Cute!
    Cant Wait For The Album

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