Kelly Clarkson Agrees to Work on New Pop Album

After all the back and forth, hair-pulling, hissing and other things I like to imagine took place between Kelly Clarkson and music mogul, Clive Davis, the two have finally agreed that Clarkson will set to work on a new pop album that will include songs picked out by Davis himself, with the album set to be released in 2008. The cat-fight references, of course, come from the controversy sparked when Davis was displeased with “My December,” her follow-up to the highly successful “Breakaway” released after her American Idol victory. Then, Kelly got publicly pissed, vented about it, and has since apologized. As for the “My December” album, its sales are predicted to be decent. It seems that this new bit of information broke at the annual UJA Federation lunch, where Clive was being honored. I just hope that they’ve learned a little something here–when you air your personal grievances in public, everyone wins! At least gossip bloggers do. Woo hoo! Yes, I just “woo hoo’d.” It is Friday after all.