Kelly Bensimon Is Batshit Crazy

May 22nd, 2010 // 19 Comments

Kelly Bensimon continues to baffle and frighten the nation with her melodramatic meltdowns on the Real Housewives of New York.  Apparently, Thursday’s episode brought the crazy in full force.

And like most nutters, Bensimon tried not only explain the episode away, but made sure to talk about how great she is as well.

“Some people are like, ‘You had a breakdown,’ and I’m like, no, I had a breakthrough.”

“I always have positive expectations of people, and I always think the best, and you know, that’s my Achilles’ heel, is that I’m positive and feel like people are going to be nice. But the nature of the show isn’t that.”

“I’m completely honest, I have a ton of integrity,” Bensimon continued. “The minute I walk into the room, I create…this stagnant frenetic energy.”

“In some ways, I’m almost too real. I have two girls, and we talk about feelings 24 hours a day. But those are real-life feelings.”

Delusional runs deep, people.  Consider this a life FAIL lesson for the kiddies.

Bensimon, whose livelihood, from what I can tell, is drawn mainly from pre-arranged photo ops of her scantily clad on the beach (knowledge based on the fact that I have not watched even one episode of this show – don’t judge; I can’t afford Bravo), is seen here doing the very same on her birthday in Miami, May 1st.  Feel free to peruse the gallery if you’re mad at your eyes this morning.

By Nicole Steadman

  1. Dawn

    Isn’t it strange she says her and her girls talk about feelings 24 hours…didn’t she say on one episode “Feelings”… that is so 1970? I mean everyone talks about feelings”…. she is one crazy person and I think Bethenny puts it best when she says “Crazy for Coco Puffs”!!!

  2. Carol

    This women makes no sence what so ever, she has this idea about herself that is just the oppossite of what it really is; just amazing how her brain works. I work with the mentaly ill and she acts just like, she is definitly boarderline personality and that is one of the hardest to treat.She really needs to get help!

  3. Fulcrum


    That goes right up there with “you’re taking a mountain to a molehill” and “you’re making lemonade out of lemons” (but she meant to accuse BF of being negative)

    She is the dumbest and most bat shitty crazy tranny linebacker ever to be put on TV

  4. Tess

    She seems like that girl when the attention is not on her she doesn’t care how to get it but she will get it on her at any cost. Notice when another friend had a bar b cue she made a dramatic announcement that she was going to be on playboy. She could have said it casually but she turns the smallest things into something huge. She loooooves the spotlight. I also think she is majorly jealous about Bethany getting the show over her. Which is why she kept saying nobody cares about you to Bethany. She must be a horror to live with.

  5. John

    Why are her boobs so far apart? Reboob job.

  6. Melissa

    She is such a crazy bitch! Like Bethanny said, “she believes her own myth”. Kelly doesn’t live in the reality that everyone else does. She is void of empathy, personality, sense of humor, and intellect. I wish this idiot would for once be accountable for her actions. Apparently, it is everyone else’s fault for her behavior, haters, and bad press. It couldn’t actually be that she is the most unlikeable person on the planet. Her problems stem from the fact that she tries so hard to be liked and admired by eveyone that she is NOT “authentic” or “real”, just “creepy”.

  7. bh

    Yep, she’s about as real as her boobies

  8. SweetonGeeks

    I’m afraid but I can’t NOT look. Poor Kelly’s kids!

  9. sandy

    After watching the show and now looking at these swimsuit pictures I am convinced Kelly is on steroids. Which would explain the manic behaviour. and the mannish body

  10. Gus

    OCD, slight Aspergers? There is a disconnect.

  11. Michael

    I’d like to hear her explain why she kept saying “Al Shapton” and laughing. How was that a breakthrough?

    I have never seen crazy like her.

  12. Mary

    I am annoyed with all the attention but as another said, you can’t NOT watch.. Bethanny, I saw her (I wont’ even call her by name) weirdness right away.. not for a minute, did I buy her bull__it!!

    In fact, Bethanny, married and mommy now, that you are.. next time this weird excuse for a person goes nuts, HIT HER!! Just pop her in the face.

    Isn’t that what you do to a hysterical person ?? I’m just sayin..

  13. Mary

    It annoys me that this weird he/she is getting any attention at all.. of course we know why the show wants to keep her – you can’t turn away!

    I find some satisfaction in this, especially if she thinks people are watching her cause they think she’s neat..

    Bethanny.. you are vindicated. In fact from that time in the bedroom where you were trying to clear the air with her, I saw that her sh__ was jealousy and envy of you. And you were so nervous. lIke you were saying to yourself,, “are you getting this on tape cause I gotta see if this really happened”

    that she calls herself a writer when she is so illiterate is laughable.. that she can’t put a sentence together (that makes sense) while you are constantly coming up with the “catch phrases” of the week cracks me up. YOu shine compared to her.. you shine, anyway!

    So, next time she starts her crazy whacked out crap, Bethanny.. HIT HER. Just smack her, isn’t that what you do to someone that is getting hysterical?? I’m just sayin

  14. zero milligrams (o.m.g.)

    “a spoon full of medicine helps the sugar go down…”
    gummy berries and la la pops !!
    hey kelly, like, umm, you know…crack may be wack but like you know meth is best !!!


  15. sideline watcher

    Steroids, coke….something.

  16. TJ

    She NUTS and needs to seek professional help. Her pictures aren’t very attractive and she looks manly.

  17. justme

    Ok Kelly is crazy as can be. I like Bethany but this women makes me like here even more. She says Bethany attacks her… bullshit she attacks everyone all the time. I feel bad for her poor kids. Just after Bethany’s father dies she cause all this drama and then when Bethany opens up about his death, Kelly shuts her down with her rude come backs. Also the whole I had dreams she was stabbing me bit. I mean come on, Bethany stabbing kelly in her dreams totally made up. Or if their true that makes her just as crazy as we thought. She’s nutso crazy cant stand her!!!

  18. Elizabeth

    The people I feel sorry for are her two daughters. Can you imagine being born to someone so dumb AND nuts all at the same time?! Her “friends”, Luann, Jill and the Countess are doing her no favors either. She needs to pick up a book and spend some time with a good therapist.

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