Kelly Taylor Is Apparently A Bitch, According To Valerie Malone

Though Shannen Doherty has her faults, it’s quite clear that Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling were Beverly Hills, 90210’s resident mean girls (Gabrielle Carteris was too old to deal with that sh*t).

Tiffani Thiessen is the latest cast member to report that she and the girls (Spelling and Garth) are not the best of friends these days, nor were they when she first joined the cast in 1994.

“We had a falling out and we grew apart,” Thiessen said on Howard Stern’s radio show Monday morning (via Us Weekly) of her relationship with Garth these days. “I was the one who was hurt, let’s just say that. I was the one who was hurt.

“It’s water under the bridge . . . I’ve moved on. I wish her well.”

Things aren’t rosy with Spelling either, even since her split from first husband, Charlie Shanian in 2006.  “It was a hard situation for everybody,” Thiessen told Stern. “We were close with Charlie . . . my best friend was Charlie’s roommate. It was hard.” 

Still, Thiessen remained diplomatic.  “Our kids go to the same school, and she’s moved on,” Thiessen said of Spelling and her kids with Dean McDermott. “I’m glad she’s happy, and she’s having tons of kids and she’s great. I’m happy for her.”

What the whuck happened?

“The girls were not very nice to me,” Thiessen recalled when she first joined the cast after Doherty’s controversial departure.  Garth “actually apologized” for being a monstrous bitch (my words), Thiessen said, and then they became “very good friends.”

“It’s funny, our relationship started really rough and ended the way it started.”

Garth recently recalled her superfun times with Doherty on the set.  “Shannen and I did not get along at all. We butted heads,” Garth told Australia radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O (via the Belfast Telegraph).  “We were both strong and opinionated young women at the time. We were like oil and vinegar. All the stuff you heard about us was probably true, the stuff about us fighting.”

Down with Kelly Taylor.