Kelly Ripa Tries To get William Levy To Strip [PHOTOS]

William Levy and his Dancing With The Stars partner Cheryl Burke stopped by Live! With Kelly today (may 24th) in New York City.  SNL’s Seth Myers stepped in as guest co-host, and Ripa threw him under the bus when it came time to ask Levy to strip.  “I only ask because Seth begged me,” Ripa joked.

Myers was a good sport, admitting that he did want to see if Levy’s body was photoshopped for his many shoots.  Ripa didn’t let up on her demand to see skin, but Levy insisted that he can’t get weird without some coffee.  “If the coffee gets the shirt off, we can get you coffee!  And if the pants follow, I’ll get you a donut!” Kelly assured him.  Alas, the clothing stayed on.

Ripa mentioned that Levy’s son, Christoper wept after dad’s loss, which Levy confirmed.  Perhaps he wanted to keep the disco trophy in his room, Ripa suggested.

Levy and Burke came in third on the competition, but Levy said back in April that his goal was not to win.  “When I came into this competition, I never came trying to beat anybody,” Levy told ABC’s Juju Chang.  “I never came trying to win it all. You know, I just came and I said to myself that I was going to give myself into this 100 percent and enjoy it. … I never expect to win it all.”