Kelly Clarkson Performs ‘Mr. Know It All’ For Jay Leno [VIDEO]

Kelly Clarkson was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to promote her upcoming album Stronger. Kelly performed her latest single “Mr. Know It All” in a fantastic performance, which can be seen after the jump.

In my opinion, Kelly is probably the best American Idol in the history of the show–this is just my opinion–and it’s fantastic seeing her perform and being reminded why. Seriously, her voice is amazing. All raspy and lovely. It’s like she doesn’t even need to try to be good, she just is.

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Kelly was recently spotted in Germany performing at Stars for Free, a free concert sponsored by a Berlin radio station. I’m sure the Germans were just as impressed by her kick ass voice and performance as we are. I mean, if you can hold your own with Seal while singing the national anthem, girl you got it!

“Mr. Know It All” follows the general trend of being bitter and hating men present in a lot of Kelly’s songs. I love it. Make sure to check out the video of her performance after the jump and tell us what you think of her new single. Love it? Hate it? Can’t wait for the whole album? Let us know!