Kelly Clarkson Compares Dating To ‘American Idol’ [VIDEO]

I love Kelly Clarkson. Not only is she my favorite of all the American Idol winners, she’s also hysterical. Kelly recently talked to Access Hollywood about her dating life and the lack of any men she’d be interested in. “I recently said — I think it was last night to my manager — I was like, ‘You know what the problem is? It’s like an ‘American Idol’ audition. The worst ones are the most confident. And the same thing goes for my dating life. The worst guys are the most confident with me.”

Check out a video of Kelly talking to Access Hollywood after the jump and tell me you don’t just love her. She’s covers everything from dating, to rumors she’s a lesbian and even double edged swords you get in the music industry with critics loving stuff that is out there, but listeners not buying.

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I’m super excited about her new album. After her fantastic performance for Jay Leno, I’m positive that we can expect nothing but good from Miss Independent. See what I did there? Old song! Her next single, I Do Not Hook Up, was co-written by Katy Perry and from the sound of it, the music video should be awesome.

Make sure to watch the video after the jump and tell us what you think of Kelly. Agree with her that dating is like Idol? Think maybe she should take back her decision to never date a celebrity? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!