Kellan Lutz Would Rather Bite Into Candy Than Necks

Recently, Twilight and New Moon star Kellan Lutz chatted with Ryan Seacrest about the upcoming sequel in the vampire book series. The muscular star admitted that even though he keeps up his fit appearance with regular workouts, his sweet tooth still gets the better of him.

Lutz admits, “I have a candy drawer and I’m terrible with it. Gummy bears, gummy worms, chocolate, everything. I eat so much.” But whatever it is he does to maintain his physique seems to be working.

However, Kellan opines that his chiseled good looks aren’t enough compared to the charms of co-star Robert Pattinson, “His accent and his crazy hairdo gets the girls swooning. I don’t have those locks,” Lutz confessed. If that’s what you want, get you a weave! They’re heavenly.

Gallery Info: Kellan Lutz outside the My House nightclub in Los Angeles.