Kellan Lutz Shower Video And AnnaLynne McCord Meets His Mom

When a couple becomes official it should be okay to be seen having lunch together yesterday, but then again who wants the added public pressure when meeting the mom?

Kellan recently did an interview and posed shirtless for Interview magazine and  we learned we owe part of Kellan’s success to him wanting to make his mom proud.  We also learned that the only thing better than a shirtless Kellan is a wet shirtless Kellan lifting weights and hanging out in the shower. We know have the soft-core video for that wet, shirtless magazine shoot after the jump. Check out the live action shower scenes after the jump.

Anyway, Kellan enjoyed some time with his mom and even picked her a flower during their walk together. Awww. He also sported a “Men for Women Now” t-shirt, a shirt that supports breast cancer research, but at some point he changed into a regular v-neck. Probably when he and mom entered into Aroma Cafe & Bakery in West Hollywood. They waited outside for a bit before AnnaLynne McCord arrived looking very meet-the-mom appropriate in a white dress an big smile.

They weren’t photographed together, but after they were inside for a while before they left carrying similar drinks…that doesn’t sound like long enough for a meet the mom lunch. Either a) they already met and it was a quick hello b) they realized the paps were there and made a plan for a new place c) both actors just wanted a drink which is a boring story.
Not boring? Don’t forget to check out the video!