Kellan Lutz Rallys The Dudes For ‘New Moon’

While on tour to promote New Moon (in theaters this Friday), Kellan Lutz sat down with Wicked Local to talk vampires, Twilight and why he became an actor.  For those who have been living under a rock (hi, dad), Lutz plays Emmett Cullen in the highly-addictive series. Vampires are swell.

Lutz’s advice to the manly men: Don’t fear the Twilight. It’s action-packed and full of fisticuffs to balance out the mushy-lovey goop.

“The trailer for New Moon speaks more to the guys. It’s more
action-packed than Twilight,” Lutz said, adding that the action is
even more cranked up for Eclipse, the third entry in the franchise,
which is slated for a June 30, 2010, release.

‘I did so much fight training and so many stunts for Eclipse,'”
Lutz said. ‘I try to do my own stunts. I nag and I nag. I wear my scars
and bruises as tattoos. It’s so much fun knowing that that’s you doing
it. Eclipse is going to be such a guy-friendly movie.'”

Our Kellan is a bit of a smarty-pants.  He was on scholarship at Chapman University in California for chemical engineering.  Whoa, nelly!  He dropped out to pursue acting, so that he could make his mother proud. 

“‘Living in L.A., everyone acts, so I just fell into it. My mom was so
mad because I threw all my scholarships away. My mom didn’t know what
acting was and she was fearful for me. She told me I needed a backup
plan, and from that day on, I decided I didn’t need a backup plan
because I wasn’t going to fail. If you have a backup plan, that leaves
room for failure. From that day forward it was just proving to myself
that I could do it.”

Bless his heart.

Who bought their tickets for New Moon?  

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