Kellan Lutz Has Awkward Encounter In The Spa

Kellen Lutz, the Twilight cast mate with all the abs, has had a few interesting incidents with fans. First he had a mom in the crowd show him her lingerie and now he has been accosted by some creepy fan in the public shower at the spa. He told Ellen all the dirty details while visiting the show.
He said, ‘We live in this Twilight Zone’ bubble in a way . I’m in a spa
just by myself relaxing and this guy walks by, and he was like, ‘Hey!”

‘In the spa, like you’re naked in the spa?’ DeGeneres asked.

‘Naked? Very much. Bubbles blowing. And the guy is like, ‘You’re Kellan Lutz.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah,’

like, ‘Big fan, big fan. You do great work in Twilight, can’t wait to
see the new movie.’ I’m like, ‘Thanks, buddy.’ He just continued to talk
for 10 minutes.’

This is a super creepy situation to be sure, but can you blame the guy? Kellan Lutz. In the shower! Seen here Kellan Lutz was photographed leaving Taste restaurant with a toothpick in
his teeth after having lunch with some friends in West Hollywood, California on Sept. 24th. He pulls the ensemble off so nicely!