Kellan Lutz Goes Shirtless For Men’s Health

I’m not sure why I’m bothering to write words underneath the shirtless photos of Kellan Lutz, but I think I might get in trouble if I don’t, so in case your reading this, these lovely photos are for Men’s Health. While Kellan isn’t too shabby with a shirt on, we appreciate that he continues to give us the good.

Just as the spread declares, the Twilight actor is built for the beach and apparently he’s built to hover. Kellan holds his body in the air by pressing his giant arms against a rock on the beach. Oh my….

He told the magazine that he didn’t even know the power of pecs until an eighth-grade graduation party at a water park. “Before then, I never knew abs were attractive,” he says. “When I grew up in Arizona, you would never see anyone without a shirt on at school. But when I took off my shirt, all the girls were like, ‘Oh, look at your abs!’ And I was, like, ‘Yeah!’ ”