Kellan Lutz Disgusted By Animal Cruelty Video

Kellan Lutz is a good guy. Evident in the photos of him working on the St. Bernard Project in New Orleans and a previous PSA he did for PETA, the Twilight actor took to his Twitter on Sunday to voice his anger about the video of the girl throwing puppies into a river.

“What is going on with the search for the girl throwing the puppies into the river?” Lutz, 25, wrote. “I’ve never been so disgusted before. That video is so incredibly disturbing and plain out wrong.”

In the video, a teenage girl is seen pulling puppies out of a bucket and throwing them into raging waters. Police have said that they identified the girl and that she and her parents will soon be questioned. If she’s convicted, she may be required to pay a $6,400 fine. I personally don’t think that’s enough punishment…

“Heard Michael Bay put up a bounty for her or info leading to her arrest. Thank you for that, and everyone who is not standing for this,” Lutz continued. “That cruelty and any cruelty to animals helpless or not is unacceptable. I can’t get the crying puppies out of my head.”

“I’m so grateful that she has been found and even more grateful for the new law!” he tweeted. “Thank you all for taking a stand and using your voices against such actions as this. You all are my heroes!”

It’s good to see a young Hollywood actor who has such a good heart! Check out the rest of the photos of him helping out in New Orleans below!