Kellan Lutz Can’t Wait For Kristen Stewart To Be A Vampire

Kellan Lutz can’t wait to get started on Breaking Dawn…and not just because of that hefty salary he squeezed out. The hunky actor joked that he’s excited for co-star Kristen Stewart to finally join the Cullen clan!

Spoiler alert: in Breaking Dawn, Bella marries Edward and gives birth to their child. She then finally decides to become a vampire. The two-part film has yet to begin filming.

“I mean, I am all for her becoming a vampire,” Kellan, pictured going to work out yesterday in North Hollywood, said at the Do Something! Awards on Monday

“She is gonna have a lot of fun roughhousing,” he said, adding right to K-Stew: “So yeah, just embrace it.”

Don’t think there will be a problem there: for upwards of $25 million, I’d pretty much embrace anything!