Kellan Lutz Hearts Jackson.

That time of year has come around yet again, when another Twilight film opens and the cast releases unto the unsuspecting world a slew of ridiculous quotes.

This time round it isn’t Kristen Stewart comparing the paparazzi to rapists but Kellan Lutz waxing lyrical about co-star Jackson Rathbone and how much fun he had knocking him out on the set of Eclipse and how adorable he looked after said knock out.

Why these actors insist on talking such drivel is a mystery to me. Perhaps it’s due to the amount of attention that inevitably falls on the head honchos (I’m talking Stewart, Pattinson and Lautner) and the rest of the cast feel they NEED to spew crazy in order to get any media attention. Either way this is what Lutz said at the Eclipse UK press conference;

“We had some fun times with our fight scenes and little oopsy daisy moments when I hit him and knocked him out a little bit!”
“He was a trooper, he stood up and started gurgling his words a little bit and mumbling-it was cute!”

Yes, you read correctly the 6’1″ actor pictured above at the Calvin Klein Flagship store in London on the 07/03/10 said “oopsy daisy”. I genuinely have not heard those words uttered since 1999 rom-com  Notting Hill. Even from the terribly English lips of Hugh Grant it sounded perverse but from Lutz-isn’t he supposed to play a blood-thirsty murderous vampire? He then goes on to describe his co-star as “cute” and that “he’s become a mischievous little Jackson lately who thinks he can just take the world on.”

This might be taking bromance a little too far…