Kellan Lutz’s Nifty Milan Fashion Week Outfit [PHOTOS]

Kellan & Sharni
The couple in Venice, California.
Oh, hey fancy pants.

Kellan Lutz is taking Milan Fashion Week Menswear by storm, I tell you.  Yesterday he might have been the fanciest yank at the ball, wearing a blazier-with-patchwork-flair and a billowy white sash (Necktie? Napkin? Who’s to say).

On his arm was the lovely, lithe Sharni Vinson.  Her look was noticeably toned down from previous outings in Milan, which must have been agreed upon before the couple left their hotel room.

Vinson: “Right, I wore next to nothing this weekend, so I’ll let you take it to a weird place today.”

Lutz: “Awesome.  I’ve got this nifty white sheet I was told I could fashion into a tie of sorts.”