Kellan Lutz Works It Out [PHOTOS]

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Kellan Lutz had a busy day on Saturday. He started off by conducting an interview during his morning jog then he went for an afternoon bike ride after a lunch meeting in Venice, CA.

The 26-year-old North Dakota native wore a respectable ensemble of tight black vest, knee length shorts, cap and trainers.

PHOTOS: Kellan Lutz Shirtless For Abbot+Main by Dylan George

Kellan recently spoke with Just Jared for a very revealing interview. Here are a few of the highlights:

Have you had any crazy fan encounters? I love the conventions that take me around the world, especially to the small cities and the small towns. To date, the most extreme one was the fan that brought handcuffs and wanted to handcuff me and bring me home. I was joking with her and said ‘Just lock me up and take me home’ and she yanks out some handcuffs and security had to step in. Now it is just amazing, I feel like the fans have matured with the books and the movies. It is still very extreme, but I feel like they are closer to us and that we are more human versus these characters. Now it is just fun hanging out with the fans. It is really fun to just meet them, if we are in the same location, just to hang out and talk over lunch, get a drink together, every one is really cool. I’m very fortunate to have such loving fans.

More from the interview…

How do you find time to maintain your body at its top shape? It’s tough! Especially when gyms close. Doing the Twilight movies I was in makeup and contacts and you can’t sweat or you have to go back into the chair, so when I’m working it’s all about not eating everything at catering and I try and cut back on candy and stay hydrated. I love to swim, but I got into running and I love to jump rope – you can do that inside.

What are the best and worst things that have come along with fame? The best is being able to travel but also lending a voice for the charities that I am a part of. I think that a lot of organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and the Saint Bernard Project, and Peta, I’m a big animal advocate and kid advocate. It is nice to let alone donate funds, a lot of the times they are a great organization, they just don’t have a voice. I like to spread awareness, that’s why I created twitter. I love the diligence of the fans to be a part of it. On the opposite side, the bad part is that I can’t really go to Vegas anymore and flirt with girls in the pools like I used to love doing.

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