Kellan Lutz Wants To Be An Action Star

Look away!  He’s trying to hypnotize us!

Kellan Lutz recently sat down with YRB Magazine (really? Does a magazine associated with an eponymous clothing store have that much credibility these days?) and sipped tea while discussing all his hopes and dreams.

‘I really think the industry is lacking in American action heroes, especially this new generation.

‘I think Matt Damon really capitalized on that and I would love to be the new generation action star.’

Kellan seems to have forgotten that Matt Damon is also a really good actor.    And Will Smith?  If you didn’t cry at some point during I Am Legend, you are made of stone.  Not that Lutz is a bad actor.  Oh, no wait, that’s exactly what I’m trying to say!  Please forgive me Twilighters!

Hey, don’t worry Kellan, you can always take acting lessons, but dashing aryan looks can’t be bought!  That face (and insanely cut body) is priceless!

Look at that priceless face in these pictures of Kellan at the Cheetah Vision, Hannibal Pictures & Emmett/ Furla Films AFM party at Pier59 Studios West last night in Santa Monica (seriously with these event names, people!).  Kellan is looking a lot less blond and rested for this one (hey, look!  It’s 50 Cent!).  I’d like to believe that he’s been crying his little eyes out over breaking up with girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord while dying his hair in his fuzzy bathrobe (because he’s worth it).  But more likely, he was out late with his latest blond fluffer.  Play on, playah!