Kellan Lutz Squashes ‘Hunger Games’ Rumors, Kim And Kanye Keep Up Love Fest At Chanel’s Tribeca Dinner [PHOTOS]

Kellan Lutz In Paris
The star at Abbot Main's fashion show.
Last night (April 24) a the 7th Annual Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner at The Odeon in New York City, Kellan Lutz decided that it would be best if he cleared up a certain rumor.

“I like it…” he explained to OK Magazine. “I love all these gossip rumors saying how Kellan’s positioning himself [to be in The Hunger Games sequel]. They’re great books, [The Hunger Games was] a great movie, but I’m not [doing them].”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West caused quite a stir at Chanel’s TriBeCa Film Festival Artists Program Dinner, attending the annual soirée in coordinating black and white outfits.

Kim spoke about Chanel to The Hollywood Reporter

“Karl’s [Lagerfeld] one of my favorite designers. Chanel’s one of my favorite designers. I’m wearing Chanel tonight. I think her (Coco Chanel), as a woman, she was such a smart businesswoman with her fragrances and everything. She’s really inspirational as a person. And I love the brand, I think it’s really sophisticated and chic.”

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