Kellan Lutz Smooches The Pooch

Kellan Lutz Shirtless
He's seen here with his ex Sharni Vinson.
Hercules actor Kellen Lutz promoted new clothing line Abbot + Main at a GQ event in Los Angeles this past Saturday (November 16, 2013). The known dog lover got some very sloppy kisses from a four-legged friend prior to with fans at the event.

Lutz and his Hercules cast members volunteered at a local no-kill shelter while filming in Bulgaria, and were inspired to do so after rescuing a stray dog they found near the set. 

We found him wandering on the street in traffic. We took him home and then brought him here to Animal Rescue Sofia where he is now being brought back to life, back to health, and will find a happy home and never be abandoned again,” he said. “I love animals. The great thing about this facility is that they don’t turn any dogs away. The hard part is they are running out of funding.”

Lutz’s Hercules: The Legend Begins is scheduled for a February release, which will beat Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules: The Thracian Wars to theaters.

Launch the gallery to check out Kellan with his fans at the Abbot + Main event.