Kellan Lutz Shows Off His Muscles Through His Super Skin-Tight Shirt

Lovin' Kellan Lutz
11 reasons he's more than just a piece of meat!
If we can’t have shirtless Kellan Lutz strolling through the streets of New York City, then this is the next best thing, right?

Kellan “I Have Massive Guns” Lutz was spotted in NYC today wearing the tightest of tight shirts. It’s so tight you can actually see the definition in his arms. And my what definition they have.

Kellan kept them pretty covered up this weekend at the MuchMusic Awards in Canada, although I am loving the color of his suit. I appreciate a man who knows how to dress himself. 

And Kellan is very good at it. I mean, he does have his own line of clothing, so you’d expect it from him. And my oh my, I love it.

Also, did you know that he’s in The Expendables 3, the summer movie I am most excited about? Did you guys see the second one? It’s so bad/good! I didn’t even bother with the first one, but I am so going on opening weekend for the third. It looks bonkers, and this is just the trailer.

Ahh, Kellan. Today, you are my favorite. Launch the gallery to get a look at his muscles. If you try really hard you can even count the number of abs he has.