Kellan Lutz Shows Off His Abs With Katrina Bowden In Summer Op Campagin

Kellan Lutz Shirtless
He's seen here with his ex Sharni Vinson.
Look who’s back! Kellan Lutz and Katrina Bowden return for Op’s Summer 2013 campaign.

In the campaign, Kellan and Katrina are seen enjoying the summer activities that everyone loves doing, like BBQ’ing, getting ice cream from the local ice cream man’s truck and more.

We get to learn a few things about Kellan, he said, “Growing up in the mid-west I used to chase after ice cream trunks.” He also revealed his guilty pleasure. 

“My guilt pleasure is candy- I have a candy drawer.” He’s also a big fan of this time of year, “I love the summer, I love kite surfing at the beach, so I’ll definitely be wearing Op.”

On shooting with Kellan Lutz for the campaign, Katrina commented: “He’s such a handsome guy but also very cool and down to earth and nice.” That’s why we love Kellan!

Op is available at Walmart.

Launch the gallery to check out pics from the campaign as well as some behind the scenes images as well!

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