Kellan Lutz Shirtless On Cover Of Men’s Fitness, Eats 16 Eggs For Breakfast [PHOTO & VIDEO]

What are the secrets to Kellan Lutz’s bulked up body? Eating 16 eggs every day for breakfast.

The 26-year-old actor says he got into the best shape of his life to play a Greek god in upcoming movie Immortals by undertaking an intense workout regime and upping his intake of protein.

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“I ate 16 eggs every morning. I got up to 220lb of solid muscle,” he revealed to Men’s Fitness magazine.

That, along with maintaining an intense workout regimen. “I like to wake up with the sun around 6:30,” he says. “I’ll just go for a run, drop and do some push-ups, run some more, do lunges, grab the rings, and do pull-ups.”

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The Twilight actor credits his toughness to his six older brothers “who beat up on me. I’m an action junkie at heart,” says Lutz. “I love pushing myself to the limit. I don’t really have fears as far as heights, skydiving, or bungee jumping.”

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