Kellan Lutz & Sharni Vinson Spotted Looking Super Cute, Grab Smoothies [PHOTOS]

Kellan For Abbot Main
Kellan Lutz puts on his sexy pose for the fashion line.
Kellan Lutz and Sharni Vinson! Where have you two been hiding?

The happy couple was spotted in Los Angeles today looking cute and grabbing some goodies together. Kellan seems particularly pleased with that smoothie of his. I bet it has protein powder in it. Kellan is totally the type of guy who would put protein powder in everything.

Sharni looked quite lovely in a cute winter outfit. Well, as winter as you need to get for Los Angeles. I’d like her jacket, please and thank you. Anybody else wish they were still showing off their beach bods? Well, at least we can look forward to more of that during the summer, right? 

So, when do we get to see more of Kellan on the big screen? Now that he’s all done with Twilight he’s gotta be getting loads of scripts. He seems to have a whole lot of stuff in production and there’s that whole thing of him playing Tarzan. Judging from his muscles, he’ll make quite a good one.

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