Kellan Lutz Praises Gisele Bundchen’s ‘Positive Energy’ [PHOTOS]

Pray For Brady!
Gisele Bundchen urged friends and family to do so.
Audi threw one of their fabulously exclusive parties at The Penthouse at The Conrad Hotel Indianapolis before Super Bowl XLVI on February 3rd, which drew a cast of thousands.  Kellan Lutz, Aaron Paul, Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, Matthew Morrison, Sherri Shepherd, Spike Lee and Erin Andrews were a few of the A-List guests in attendance.

Lutz, who declared himself a Patriots fan, appreciated Gisele Bundchen’s pre-game prayer email to friends and family.  “I found that very endearing,” Lutz said, according to Huffington Post. “Very sweet to have a wife do that for her husband and give that positive energy. I think we all need that in the world. To listen to the news broadcasters … be negative towards that, I think it is really (bad).”

Lutz also spoke of his admiration for the Pats.  “They have a great team. Solid team.  I fell in love with Tom Brady. Met him once. Really great guy and they have a really solid team. Even if Tom isn’t playing, their team is solid.”

What was your reaction to the final score last night?