Kellan Lutz Posts Hot Shirtless ‘Hercules 3D’ Instagram Pic

Kellan Lutz Shirtless
He's seen here with his ex Sharni Vinson.
Kellan For Abbot Main
Kellan Lutz puts on his sexy pose for the fashion line.
Kellan Lutz In Paris
The star at Abbot Main's fashion show.
While in “everyday” life Kellan Lutz prefers to keep his clothes on, however for his film Hercules 3D, he’s basically shirtless throughout the entire move. The photo above (you can see the full photo below) is a perfect example of what you’ll expect to see in the film.

Kellan tweeted:

Hey team, check out the new stills from @Hercules3D

As for his keeping his clothes on, this is what he told People magazine:

“[I prefer] more clothes. It’s not like I prefer to be naked or in my underwear! Leaving more to the imagination’s always better. There are girls walking in bikinis with one of those see-through white tops or button-downs. It’s very angelic, I like the way fabrics move in the wind.”

Okay then. Ladies, you know what to wear to attract Kellan Lutz’s attention.

Check out the first poster from the film below, and visit the Hercules 3D website to check out more stills from the movie.

Hercules 3D Poster

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