Kellan Lutz Looks Good In London, And Is Like A Giant Helpful Teddybear [PHOTOS]

It’s that time of year again, folks! You know what I’m talking about. November means another Twilight movie, naturally. And as the pivotal date (November 16th, to be exact. But you already knew that, didn’t you.) approaches, the cast is visiting all the corners of the earth, one last time, to promote the last, but certainly not least, film in the mega-franchise.

Turning up in London on Sunday were 2 of the stars of the movie, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed, a Cullen couple in the movies and books.The duo did a photocall and press conference to talk about the film, and to show their support to the UK Twi-hards. Lutz and Reed both looked radiant as they smiled for the camera’s– very Cullen-esque, if I do say so.

Lutz, who always seems to take the time to embrace his fans, recently revealed that, not only is he enthusiastic about interactions with strangers who are fans, but also of… regular strangers. The actor spoke out about how he likes to help out when grocery shopping. “The other day at the store there was an old lady that was sweet as a button — I feel like she came out of an animated movie — and I asked if she wanted some help, and we got talking. She had such great life stories, and I had fun lifting the bags she had,” the model said. He continued, “She was like, ‘Can I tip you?’ I was like, ‘No, no. I just had some time on my hands.’ ”

Ha! Well, it’s nice to see that someone part of such a massive movie deal has still retained a sense of humility! What a sweetheart, right? And, can I just say that I wouldn’t mind switching bodies with that old lady that he helped?

Lutz will be out and about promoting Breaking Dawn non-stop, leading up to the film’s release, so hopefully this is just the beginning of his funny, charming interviews. Aw, Twilight season!

Check out the gallery to see Rosalie and Emmett Cullen looking…tanner than usual.