Kellan Lutz Looks Fine, Strolls Around St. Tropez With Sharni Vinson [PHOTOS]

Kellan Lutz In Paris
The star at Abbot Main's fashion show.
Well hello Kellan Lutz’s biceps. So nice to see you out and about.

The Twilight hottie was spotted in St. Tropez this weekend, enjoying a romantic holiday with girlfriend, Sharni Vinson. Speaking of his girlfriend, what is she wearing? Girl needs to put on some weight cause all of her bones are sticking out. Also, I am not liking her monokini thing at all. Somebody explain the weird ruffles to me, please.

Kellan must really be enjoying his time off after the insanity that was Comic Con and the insanity coming his way with Breaking Dawn Part 2. Think he’s ready for the challenges of post-Twilight fame?

Speaking of challenges, I wonder if Kellan had any wise words for co-star Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart amid Kristen’s cheating scandal. Maybe a, “Hug it out, bitches,” perhaps?

In any case, Kellan’s relationship seems to be doing quite well. Bravo you two. Check out all the photos of the couple in the gallery and leave us your thoughts on Kellan’s biceps and Sharni’s weird outfit in the comments!