Kellan Lutz Lands The Role He Was Born To Play ‘Tarzan’

Kellan Lutz will be swinging into action in his first major role away from the Twilight franchise after signing on to play Tarzan in a new 3D movie.

The actor made his name playing vampire Emmett Cullen in the hit bloodsucking film series Twilight, which is set to end later this year, and he will be back in action as the latest incarnation of the jungle-dwelling hero.

Actress Spencer Locke will play Tarzan’s love interest Jane in the movie.

The new Tarzan movie, which is developed at Constantin Film, is planned as a 3D. Similar to any other versions of the vine-swinging jungle man, the story follows Jane who meets and teams up with Tarzan to defeat mercenary army of Greystoke Energies CEO.

Elmo Lincoln, Johnny Weissmuller and Buster Crabbe have all previously played the vine-swinging hunk on the big screen.