Kellan Lutz Knows We Like Him Without A Shirt

Kellan Lutz, the burliest of all the Twilight stars, sat down for a chat and photoshoot with YRB Magazine, with the photos taken by photographer Mike Ruiz.

In the article, he talks about how he got into modeling and acting, why he loves his fans and how he thinks that Brad Pitt is still ripped more than he is! Check out the highlights after the jump!

On modeling and acting:

“Modeling and acting is one of the biggest blessings that has ever entered my life,” Lutz says. “I really fell into modeling when I was in high school when a buddy of mine was photographed for Dillard’s and he was in the local newspaper and we made fun of him. And then his comeback was, ‘I made $500 for that photo shoot.’ To us kids in high school in Arizona that’s a lot of money so I asked how he got involved and he walked me through the steps of getting an agent. So I started modeling. And I liked it. I really liked being in front of the camera. It was this new world that I never really knew existed.”

His upcoming films:

“Love, Wedding, Marriage [is] an awesome romantic comedy about the trials and tribulations of a newlywed couple. Mandy Moore plays a marriage counselor and her parents want to get a divorce, so she feels like a failure if she can’t even keep her own parents together, which then jeopardizes my sexual life with my wife. So you get to see a lot of what guys go through and [it’s like], baby, let’s have sex! While I was doing that in New Orleans I was doing another movie at the same time in Baton Rouge called The Killing Game. It’s kind of a new look on the Gladiator, kind of a journey. So Sam [Jackson] plays the new age Caesar in a way, and he kind of controls this underground hidden fight club arena-style death match. I get kidnapped and thrown into this place and I have to fight to the death, so it was a great place for myself to really jump into the action realm that I really wanted to do. The third movie I did was Immortals up in Montreal, and I play Poisedon. It’s kinda like a Greek, larger than life iconic movie. That’s coming out next year around the same time as Breaking Dawn – Part 1 so it’s gonna be a really great November.”

His Twilight fans:

“I love the fans – the more the merrier, the crazier the better. I really embrace it; I’m a people person, I’m very much an extrovert. There have been some crazy times, like fans didn’t think I was real and wanted to tackle me or they brought handcuffs and wanted to take me home, [but] it’s all out of love. There’s always a fun group of Twimoms or Twihards, especially around the world who really teach me new things, and I get to see new personalities. It’s great.”

His physique:

“You know, I’ve been blessed with genetics and I do like working out, and by no means am I the rippest guy out there. Brad Pitt is still ripper than me and he’s 40-something now,” Lutz laughs. “But it’s definitely an honor; it’s definitely nice to know that I could take my shirt off and have people go see a movie for that scene.”

Read the whole interview here!

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