Kellan Lutz & His Bulging Muscles Take In The Sights In Brazil

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Could that shirt be any more tight?

When 29-year-old Kellan Lutz isn’t forming adorable friendships with little fans he makes sure to show off his ridiculously huge muscles while exploring the beaches and landscape of beautiful Rio in Brazil.

According to Daily Mail, Kellan was visiting the famous city to experience both the World Cup and check off a longtime item from his bucket list.

Seen here on July 12th wearing a beige tee and brown slacks with laid back hat, sunnies, and flip flop sandals, the actor posted a picture of himself standing beneath the world famous Christ the Redeemer statue on his Instragram account.

“I’ve been trying to come to Brazil for years now and finally the stars lined up and it just so happened to be for the FIFA World Cup!” Lutz said. 

Kellan joined fellow actors Gerard Butler and Ashton Kutcher for the Budweiser futbol bash. While Lutz was busy traversing the city and admiring the view, Gerard was enjoying a view of his own by talking to some eager and sexy female fans on the beach. It’s all about priorities, you know?