Kellan Lutz Getting Ready To Go Sexy For ‘Hercules’, Spotted At The Airport With His Lady

Kellan For Abbot Main
Kellan Lutz puts on his sexy pose for the fashion line.
Kellan Lutz In Paris
The star at Abbot Main's fashion show.
Are you guys ready to see a whole bunch of sexy, shirtless and Greek Kellan Lutz?

Perfect! Because the Twilight star is set to star in the upcoming movie version of Hercules. And it’s going to be in 3D. Get ready to Kellan’s have abs in your face! Well, first you can see them in Tarzan 3D this summer, then Hercules. Woot!

Kellan was spotted yesterday (April 7) arriving at LAX with his gorgeous girlfriend, Sharni Vinson. Not to be on up-ed by Kellan, Sharni has a crazy good body, too. We got a look at it on the beach and we are rather impressed. They are just such an attractive couple. 

So do we think Kellan is going to be the perfect Hercules? Also, does anyone else think it’s funny that Kellan gets to be Tarzan and Hercules? It’s like J. J. Abrams directing Star Wars and Star Trek, but less nerdy and more abs-ie.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cute photos of the couple in the gallery. Looking forward to all the Kellan abs we’re going to be seeing in the next few years? Sound off in the comments!