Kellan Lutz Finds It Hard To Move On From ‘Twilight’ [PHOTOS]

Kellan Lutz In Paris
The star at Abbot Main's fashion show.
Kellan Lutz was in good spirits yesterday while checking out of his New York City hotel.  The Twilight star spoke to reporters on the sidewalk briefly before parting ways with them, looking adorable in a cap and scarf.  By the by, did you guys catch Lutz on last night’s 30 Rock?  Job well done, sir.

Lutz talked about the end of Twilight with our sister site, Celebuzz at GQ’s Gentleman’s Ball Wednesday night.  Would you believe there were tears shed over Breaking Dawn-Part 2?

“I just saw a special screening of it,” Lutz told the site.  “I was very much affected by it.”

So?  Did he cry? 

“I did, actually,” Lutz admitted. “It affects your stomach. I honestly did get a few butterflies during different scenes… You really get pulled into it.”

We just want to hold you and make the pain go away, Lutz.  How about Emmett Cullen?  Is the actor ready to let go of his character?

“Never, never.  In the end, it was remarkable, but it’s sad. It was a happy-sad — one where you look in your yearbook and relive all of the moments. It’s special.”

Lutz talked about co-star Kristen Stewart and how impressed he was by her bad-ass vampire techniques.

“Kristen is a strong girl — mentally, physically emotionally,” he said. “She’s probably one of the best actresses I’ve worked with. She’s a strong cookie! It was really fun to bring that scene to life. I can’t wait to see it at the premiere with the fans.”