Kellan Lutz Designing A Line Of Jeans

Funny, I would have pegged Kellan Lutz to have given us a fragrance or something before heading completely into the fashion world. But it seems that the vampire stud is designing a new line of jeans for denim label Dylan George.

Lutz will be the front of the label’s new men’s line when it launches later this year and will design for the brand in collaboration with its founder Daniel Guez.

“How cool will that be to create my own line? I grew up wanting to be an inventor. I went to school for chemical engineering. I love to create. I’ve always wanted to get into fashion. I’ve always liked drawing, not Space Age stuff but high fashion,” he said.

Kellan added that as for his aesthetic, he doesn’t like overly glitzy back pockets or jeans that are too baggy.

“I like the ones that can be dress pants. I don’t like to be loud. I like fitting in and not drawing attention. Simplicity is key,” he told WWD.


As for T-shirts, the 25-year-old star favours chest-baring V-neck tops and said he is drawn to a neutral palette of navy, gray, black and olive green, which he said remind him of sunsets in the state of Arizona. Yes, folks…you can’t even make this shit up.