Kellan Lutz And His Gorgeous Mug Promote ‘Tarzan’ In Munich With Spencer Locke [PHOTOS]

Kellan For Abbot Main
Kellan Lutz puts on his sexy pose for the fashion line.
Getting an early jump on promotions for their new film, Kellan Lutz and Spencer Locke attended the Tarzan 3D photocall in Munich, Germany today (June 5, 2012).

Kellan wore an interesting henley-ish sweater to the event. He’s so “manly” fashion forward.

In the film, don’t expect to see Kellan running around in a loincloth, the film is unfortunately CGI animated. The movie is inspired from the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs story about the jungle hero, whose parents will be billionaire adventurers who are killed in an airplane crash in the new Tarzan motion picture instead of being marooned with their child.

Lutz won’t be the only hunk voicing a character in the film. Mark Deklin of the recently cancelled GCB has signed on to play Tarzan’s father, who brings his family with him on an exploration mission in search of a mysterious ancient meteorite.

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