Kellan Lutz Adjusting To Single Life

It has been awhile since Kellan Lutz has been single, but is slowly adjusting to being a bachelor again. Since Kellan is no longer with AnnaLynne McCord, he has been spending more time with his friends. Kellan, seen here going to the gym in North Hollywood on November 16, 2010.

Kellan’s friend, Ryan Rottman, says they have “been painting a lot, spray pairing, like stencils and stuff like that.”  Everyone knows too, that Kellan has also been hitting the gym pretty hard as well.

He will be very busy pretty soon when he begins shooting The Twilight SagaBreaking Dawn in Louisiana. Maybe Kellan can find a nice southern girl while shooting! Recently, Kellan was mysteriously seen with AnnaLynne at a motel, so who even knows if he is actually single.