Kelis’ Pink Head Immortalized In Mugshot

Kelis and her pink-mohawked ass got busted for advancing on undercover cops working as hookers whilst yelling racial slurs . No one’s sure what she said exactly. What’s she got against hookers? Most of the time she’s dressing like one.

Singer Kelis was arrested early Friday morning in Miami Beach after screaming racial obscenities at two female police officers who were posing as prostitutes.

The officers were working an undercover operation in South Beach, when cops say Kelis started screaming racial slurs at the women. She continued screaming and rushed toward them, and had to be restrained by friends, a police report said. According to the report, Kelis’ “actions caused people walking by to stop and form a crowd. The sidewalk was blocked by the disturbance, causing people to walk in the street and causing traffic to stop.”

Kelis, the wife of rapper Nas, was charged with two misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and for resisting arrest.

Way to promote your album. This happened to my brother once. He got drunk and high and decided he wanted Taco Bell. So he got a friend to drive him. And there was an undercover cop parked and partially blocking the exit. And my brother just wanted to get home to eat his chimichanga or whatever. So he, being drunk and high, screamed obscenities at the cop because he’s really polite. And the cop arrested his ass. Of course my brother had taken our cordless phone with him because he’s one of those drunks that always has to be calling people. So we had to bail our phone out as well as my brother. The Harveys, everyone!


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