Keith Urban Ready for Babies

May 21st, 2007 // 8 Comments

But he also has indicated that wife, Nicole Kidman, isn’t yet pregnant, as opposed to what the many “baby-bump” rumors have consistently been suggesting since the inception of their relationship. When Urban was asked by the UK’s Sunday Times whether or not he’s “looking forward to being a dad,” Urban responded:

“I am. Next year actually would be lovely,” he says, attempting to dispel the current Kidman baby rumour.

However, with Nicole currently shooting a movie full-time in Australia, it hardly seems like something they’ll be able to do any time in the near future. Well, I for one, am tired of speculating that she’s pregnant every time she decides to have that extra bite of celery and her belly appears somewhat full of a substance we in the eating world like to refer to as food. But it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing it, so HA!


By Lisa Timmons

  1. rootabega

    oh my god who took these horrible pictures? poor nicole, nice crotch shots! and her teeny, tiny little legs!

  2. Ali

    OMG!!! These pictures are horrible. Especially the first one – she looks like she is about to take a chunk out of him. Poor thing… those are the worst pics I have ever seen of her.

  3. yeah…that first pic looks lika a scene from a bad horror flick!!

    although, i don’t think she photographs well at all unless she has a hair-dresser, a stylist and a make-up artist.

    she cannot put herself together well.

  4. Randi

    I agree that she needs professional help to photograph well. There are a whole bunch of stars (Paltrow for example) who are stunning when photographed just right but are not particularly good looking in normal circumstances.

    In terms of a baby — I’ll bet on adoption. I think if she was willing to risk her figure she would have done it by now.

  5. lambman

    I think she’s far beyond the “risk her figure” stage of her career, this would be the right time for her to have kids if she’s going to.

    I really whish she’d quit bleaching her hair and styling it like that


    To tell the truth she is UGLY in every pic I have ever seen her in.

  7. Friend of Nic and Keith

    Keith said shortly after marrying Nic: “And it is not just about being married; to me, it is about being married to HER, to THAT woman because she has just saved my life – absolutely SAVED it.”

    Hmm… I don’t think her HUSBAND agrees. I “whish” you guys would stop depriving your villages of their idiots. And some spelling lessons sure can’t hurt, either.

  8. Keith's X-Grlfrnd

    He is a sensitive guy and u need to lay off! And she is right! U need to learn how to spell~

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