Keith Urban Ready for Babies

But he also has indicated that wife, Nicole Kidman, isn’t yet pregnant, as opposed to what the many “baby-bump” rumors have consistently been suggesting since the inception of their relationship. When Urban was asked by the UK’s Sunday Times whether or not he’s “looking forward to being a dad,” Urban responded:

“I am. Next year actually would be lovely,” he says, attempting to dispel the current Kidman baby rumour.

However, with Nicole currently shooting a movie full-time in Australia, it hardly seems like something they’ll be able to do any time in the near future. Well, I for one, am tired of speculating that she’s pregnant every time she decides to have that extra bite of celery and her belly appears somewhat full of a substance we in the eating world like to refer to as food. But it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing it, so HA!